This morning I was listening to Steve Kingstone the Today programme on Radio 4 (, about the violence associated with drugs cartels in Mexico. Drugs go North, while guns go South.  So many deaths already: 30,000 I think, not all criminals, police or troops, but also many seemingly random deaths of bystanders. Five the night before Kingstone arrived, and three more in the few hours he was there.
A few minutes ago someone I know well rang me, very upset: two of the people killed were the brothers of a friend.  Among other things we said to each other, he hoped I might be able to use the connection to make some sort of point, to do something positive.
I’ll think more later, but for the moment: I generally try and buy things whose production does not involve the exploitation of people or damage to the environment. Mexico is a long way away, of course, but violence and criminality attend the supply of drugs here too. So however safe I think it might be to take an illegal drug like cocaine, however daft I think are our current drug laws, I can’t stomach for a moment thinking about how it is supplied.

(Written 17 Dec; it’s taken me that long to find a place to say it)

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