Cooking fat

One of my habits is to take a torch out last thing in the evening and count frogs in the pond. We’ve had about a dozen or so, but recently they’ve been hard to find. They sometimes are: perhaps they go foraging in the evening either before or after I go out to do the census.

However, there’s a ginger and white cat that has been hanging around recently, and it’s been in hunting mode. I fear that many of the frogs have fled or been caught.

My current thinking is: if cat owners are going to let their bloody animals massacre the local wildlife, I don’t think it’s any more than fair if I even up the odds a little. So does anyone know where I can get an alligator…?


P.S. …and make it snappy.

P.P.S. My maternal grandfather would occasionally stiffen when gazing over the garden, and cry “Bring me my spare pair of braces and a walnut!” I have many such pairs yet no walnuts, but that would be another way forward.


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