Barnardo’s are behaving like animals, say young people

In a shocking report released today, children are revealed to have very negative attitudes to Barnardo’s research.

75% agreed that “The trouble with research like this is that it lacks a moral base” and 47% agreed that “Barnardo’s have gone feral”.

We found that we could get a minority of young people to agree both that “Researchers are angry and abusive” and that “Research makes me angry and abusive”.

We interviewed a couple of children that we pulled off the street and put more words into their mouths.

“It’s like they’ve given up on real research”, said one young person after some prompting. “Voodoo polls… push polls… what you said… it all gives research a bad name.”

Our investigator went on to ask: “Do you agree that Barnardo’s should show more responsibility in using language like this with the apparent sole intention of generating publicity, wasting a valuable opportunity to do some real research? I mean, aren’t these incredibly leading questions?”

“Yeah… whatever,” 100% of the other young person agreed.



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