The least well-named online gadget ever?

The Memorable Password Generator just offered me “nsDrqzaB5$”



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One response to “The least well-named online gadget ever?

  1. Deferring to Alec who is pretty much THE expert on the practicalities of these things

    Okay strictly the rules are for developers not the passwords themselves but still since it fails (5) and (7) it suggests something is badly wrong here.

    If it is the same “memorable password generator” Google found would it be serving them as “HTTP” rather than encrypted and delivering memorable passwords using the kinds of obfuscations and “hacker speak” that Alec was programming into his password cracker about the time I first went to University some time in the last millennium?

    Mind the problem with pass-“words” based on memorable phrases is typing fatigue if you use as many systems as I do in a week, even with some mechanical assistance.

    Disclaimer – I so need to change about ~1000 passwords to something more secure but it takes a lot of time to correct the error of ones past ways.

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