This is the Blog Bug Log Log…

I did some fairly serious bumblebee recording with a camera in 2009 (the camera broke last year). Today I was out for lunch munching a bacon roll and spotted the arch-enemy of the bumblebee, the bee-fly. These are brood parasites of bees, and so as we see the Queen bumblebees humming about their nest-building, the bee-flies are out to get them…

No idea what sort of bee-fly, to be honest, although I know there’s a new one in town, but I haven’t seen them near my work before. I really need a photo, I know.

However, anticipating a possible return to photography this year, I thought I’d jot down some notes about what I’ve spotted over the while. It will either get tidier and more detailed or abandoned…

Home – 2011 Work – 2011 Home – Ever Work – Ever
Bugs Andrena rufa & other Solitary bees Speckled Wood butterflyBeefliesSolitary Wasps all sizes

Museum beetle

Pollen beetles (Nitidulidae)

Tiny black wasps Passaloecus?

Less tiny brown bees Colletes?

Soldier beetle (Rhagonycha fulva)

Common wasp (Vespula vulgaris)

Carder bee (?Bombus pascuorum, early doors)

Crab spiderShelled slug ?Testacella sp. Cluster flies Pollenia sp., Musca autumnalisDock bugDragonflies


Scorpion fly

Beasts Common frog?Common newt Fox RabbitWhite EgretDippers



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